WordPress on DigitalOcean Updates

This project hasn’t been touched in a few months so last night I embarked to give it a spin. It failed. Miserably. So I went bug-hunting and got it working again.

Resolved Issues

  • centos-base
    • Removed packages no longer available that were causing role to fail.
    • Added package Glances to replace htop.
    • Fixed an issue with fail2ban configuration tasks.
    • Enhanced fail2ban configuration.
  • create-swap
    • Resolved a typo in a task that prevented swap file from being created.
  • install-apache
    • Enabled gzip compression to reduce page load times.
    • Enabled caching to reduce page load times.
    • Removed hardcoded values in vhost.conf.j2 that would have resulted in a misconfigured HTTP to HTTPS redirect.
  • install-certbot
    • Fixed issues that would have prevented automatic renewal cron job from being created.
  • create-droplet
    • Changed default droplet size from 1gb to 2gb.
  • destroy-droplet
    • removed hardcoded region that would have prevented deleting droplets not deployed in region NYC1.
  • install-wordpress
    • Fixed an issue where MySQL port was not being added to wp-config.php, preventing WordPress from starting.
    • Fixed an issue where Apache could not access document root.
    • Fixed an issue where wp-config.php was getting incorrect database connection details.
  • database-server
    • Simplified data returned from script used to create database servers to resolve an issue in install-wordpress.

See commit: https://github.com/seaburr/WordPressOnDigitalOcean/commit/f6226a2ac92a71f891dc23a6fc04a3d521fb227a

Next steps will be focusing on adding an automatic build job to help ensure that this code is always in good, working order.

Have a good weekend and take care of yourselves.


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